Thursday, March 5, 2009

wells and identities

where's your identity?
where are your wells?

i asked myself that this morning.

if everything started changing for you,
if you weren't sure of your health and
what was ahead for you....
what would you do?
what would you concentrate on?

and i'm thinking the answer to that would
be based on the answers to
where's your identity, where's your wells?

oh. in case you don't think like i do...
by 'well's' i mean where do you go to fill
yourself up?

i'm thinking this might be a good thing to
figure out. and adjust if the places aren't
really that nourishing....

just a thought on my mind this morning......


Anonymous said...

omg, you ask the best questions!
my very first thought re my identity is "i'm a mom," but that doesn't really work, does it?
you sure give me a lot to think about.
my brain is tired, but bring it on!

Anonymous said...

I spent the past two years trying to re-define myself...

The trouble is, I didn't need defining. I just needed to lower the bucket in a different place. Bring up what is already there that wasn't bubbling up to the surface.

I can place those labels of daughter, mother, woman, friend.
But it's not what I use...

All in all the well is full and overflowing in me


Anonymous said...

I would try and remember what I
loved MORE than what I feared ...
It is a choice we always face --
particularly when we face our
own mortality ... Only what one
truly loves will get you through ...

What do you love more than you
fear ???

Love gives sustenance ...
love grants strength ... love
builds bridges to what is really
"real" ... In the "end", it is
all that really remains ...