Thursday, March 19, 2009

feelin' groovy.....

headed out for my walk.
practically skipped the whole way.
beautiful spring morning...everything just
waking up.

i felt so good about stuff that i just
was plain ol' happy as i walked.

tried seein' my visual...
butterfly woman's face.

piece of cake.
easy peasy this morning.

go figure.
it's been such work.

thing's hard for me to keep it.
i can get there....but hard for me to hold it.

i not only caught her eyes again...
my eyes again...
how do you say that???

she crinkled at me.


if i give you the ol' eye crinkle, it's a
good thing. a very good thing.
warm and loving and comfortable with you.

and i got the ol' eye crinkle.

i'm thinking this is really goin' well.

i'm thinking i earned some trust last nite.

and i'm thinking this is so odd and hard to
describe and talk about....

learning to trust myself.....

go figure.

who knew there was all this stuff to do???

well....i sure didn't.....
but i'm likin' it and feelin' downright groovy
this morning.....

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