Thursday, March 19, 2009


i've been bouncin' on the trampoline lately
as it's too muddy outside to jump rope.
i've forgotten how much i love that. it's
soooo fun. and it just wakes you up and
makes you feel so good.

i had stopped as i was brilliant at some
point and started jumping with weights and
hurt my back....sigh.
anyway...i figure if i tone down the brilliance
and just jump, i'll be fine.

was headin' to do it, when i got sidetracked in
yo's room. he whispered good morning as i walked
by. all dark in his room. so i crept in, sat
down and said hello.

pretty soon zakkie bean stumbled in.
i've been teasin' him about his snowman pants
pajamas. i started right in again this morning.
he sat down next to me and we all just hung out.

i know a moment when i see one. so i didn't go
exercise. figured i'd do that after the walk....
i stayed and hung out.

and in one little room, in the dark, with two
big apes....i saw such light.
such love.

sometimes i think it matters so much just to sit
and look at it. watch it. hold it. know it.
and then...thank the universe for it.

when i finally did find myself jumpin' on that
trampoline, i thought of the guys, and all i had.
i heard the music, i felt my movements,the fact
that i could bounce away on this thing and feel
healthy....and i just about burst with good things.

to know it.
see it.
hold it.

and dance with joy about it.
that's the part i want to do today.

dance with joy about it!

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