Thursday, March 19, 2009

space makers

i talked to him this morning and told
him how much last nite meant to me.
i heard my voice choke up as i tried to tell
him the feeling that came over me later.
that i'd be okay.

he softly reminded me that i AM okay.

i told him i couldn't do it without him and
what he does for me.

and i started talkin' about the space he makes
for me.

space to wobble.
space to question and wonder.
space to learn.

and if i wander too far, he calls me back.
sometimes gently, sometimes not so gently.

i'm kinda thinking space making is THE most important
thing we can do for someone.

i've talked about it before.
it intrigues me.

i've known i've done it for people, but don't
think much of it, ya know?
until i think of what it means to me.

it matters.
a ton.

it allows my growth.

what more can you do for someone than to allow
their growth?

and what all are you saying when you do that???

i love you.
i love who you are.
i believe in you.
i believe in your capacity to grow.
you matter enough for me not to control you.
you matter enough for me to just watch and know.

and teaches both people about the wonder
of life.......the wonders of love......


Lisa said...

beautiful xx

Anonymous said...

You should read Parker J. Palmer's book "A Hidden Wholeness." I think you'd like it. He talks a lot about making spaces.
I'm so happy you made space for me.

Virginia Gardner said...

Wonderful post, Terri, and I agree. I agree with the concept of allowing space. Parents need to do it, friends need to do it, and lovers and spouses and partners of all types need to do it. And it's wonderful when the givee trusts so explicitly that there is no worry about the giver's offer of space. Because it's really important that the giver give freely, and that the givee trusts the offer of space to be real. And not abandonment. Or space given uncontentedly. That trust thing is really so incredibly important, isn't it?