Friday, March 20, 2009

questions and answers

what a morning!
my colors outside! silvery blues that
i love in the sky!
a chill in the air that's perfect....

got to my goodmorningworld spot and
actually sat down on the guard rail.
plunked myself down. pulled out my seed
that i've been carryin' and my love note
and read the note to myself.

then looked up at the sky and repeated
the note.

and then thought about what i could do
loving for myself today.

that felt kinda good as it turns out that
i walked into an inner struggle last nite
and i don't know what to do with it.

so asking myself how i'd handle it and show
love to myself at the same time, felt like
a relief.

i still don't know what to do.
but when i asked myself what i could do
loving for myself today, i came up with
the idea that i don't have to figure it
all out today, and i can actually put it
aside and enjoy the day!

turned to walk home and i thought 'first thing
i can do loving is feel this breeze.'

and i just closed my eyes for a moment as i walked...
not too long as i'm clumsy, i would walk into a
tree! and i felt the breeze on my face......
all the way home i enjoyed that.

i have a ton of fun stuff goin' on today.
i'm gonna live in those moments and enjoy.
i'm not gonna take something i can't figure out
and have it weigh all over them.

and i'm gonna try to remember to ask myself today...
what is it you're doing loving for yourself?

that's such a good question.

have you asked it lately?
better yet......have you answered it lately???

off to answer it......

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