Friday, March 20, 2009


the subject of lightness and darkness is
spinning inside me. i'm gonna let it spin a bit
and see if anything comes up....

i want light in my life.
not dark.
the icky kinda dark.

i want goodness and light.
i want to surround myself with that
and grow that.

thing is......
life isn't all goodness and light.

i can deal with that.
if it's my OWN icky darkness.

but what if it's someone else's and they
need a buddy?
and what if i've tried to be a buddy but
find it really really hard.
maybe beyond me.
not sure.
maybe to my detriment.

oh yes, if it's to your detriment, what
are you doing?

easy to say.
but it's all complicated.

how do you know if it's to your detriment.
maybe it's growing you.
maybe the hardest challenges grow you.

i can't figure this out.
not gonna figure it out today.
just throwing it out here as i think
it's an interesting topic.

how does darkness change?
doesn't it need the light?

how does light stay bright?
does it need the darkness?
or does it just accept the darkness??

acceptance has got to be key here.

and just typing here i see that i don't.
or i accept, just leave me alone and be
like that over there.

hmmmm.....what is it you want out of life?
and how does this lead to it?


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