Tuesday, March 24, 2009

mister ed

okay it ranked right up there with the top
five best phone calls of my life!

i was feeling incredibly frustrated and crazed.
yes, i am as emotional as i sound.
and i just wanted to ring someone's neck.

i had been putting things in perspective all day.
but it's been that kinda day where i've had to
do that all day. wasn't natural to just HAVE things
in perspective and stay there. i kept working on it.

and then ed called.


i picked up the phone with an enthusiastic
and he says 'hang on.'
i hear him fumblin' around and i grin.
i know what's coming.
he musta got his shakespeare sonnet book.

so he starts reading to me.
starts again.
stumbles a little more.
finishes with 'etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.'
and i burst out laughing.
told him i never heard better shakespeare in my

he laughed.
he laughs more with me now.
it's so fun. it's turned into a real, natural laugh.
i love hearing it.

'i can't hold the book and read at the same time'
he laughs. and then tries with the phone receiver down.
i can hear him....and off he goes.

major delight on my end.
i run to get my copy of the book.
he says 'let's start with the first one.'
and then i have no idea which one he plowed into.
it wasn't the first one.

i just smiled and loved it.
told him he made my whole nite and to call me
anytime to read to me.
he said something cute about wishing he were younger...

but then....he told me this....
he told me i changed his whole outlook on life.

i'm crying as i type this.

he really did.
i asked him what he meant.

he said he used to be cynical, and hard, and not
caring....but he was different now. he had a different
outlook on life. he felt more positive and involved.

and he said 'well, you told me once you wanted to hug
the world. look what you did.'

i didn't know what to say.

i thanked him for telling me. told him he changed my nite.
and hung up.

called him back.
told him i really really wanted him to know what he did
for me tonite. told him what it meant to me.
and how much he mattered to me.

he said it takes two.


it takes two. and three and four....
it takes us.

if we could all just see this up close and know how
we affect each other. my gosh.

i so want to hold this and never let it go.

i will tho.
i'll drop it.
and goof up and all that stuff.....

but i tell ya........
i feel like a trillion billion million dollars
right now because some ol' guy in cleaveland
read me shakespeare and told me i mattered.

we all do.
we all so so so do.

have you told someone today???

smilin' a happy smile tonite.........


Merry ME said...

This is a lovely story that I want to remember forever. God bless you. God bless Ed.

Anonymous said...

chaning the world one ed at a time!