Tuesday, March 31, 2009

part two

i've never been to a place like it before.

what a business cancer is.
it's booming.

plenty of room for all......
and lots of people in and out.

the nurses were gorgeous and loving.
they have my admiration and respect.

the people seemed caught between
trying not to think about it and
having that all they can think of.

denial mixed with fear mixed with
frustration mixed with hiding mixed
with prettying it all up mixed with
the reality of the faces was a lot
to watch.

i looked over at her.
how could she look so cute when she
was so sick.

i told her she was adorable.

i looked again....she looked pretty tired.

again....and she looked pretty worn.....

again....and she looked relieved.

almost done.

thru the whole thing she smiled, talked
to everyone and cared about everyone
around her.

she was reading an article about gratitude
helping in the healing process.

and she told me she couldn't help but
feel gratitude for all the people who
have been so kind to her.

i tried to tell her it was a cycle...that
she helped that happen.

she didn't hear.

we never seem to hear that stuff, do we?

no matter.

she was sitting there getting chemo pumped
into her telling me of her gratitude.

i was humbled.

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