Tuesday, March 31, 2009

part one...

i knew i was in bad shape as i drove.
first of all, i had melissa etheridge on.
sure sign of not in a good spot.
second, i kept playing just a couple
of songs over and over and over and
over again.

if i missed a line i was looking for
cause i was driving or something, i'd
redo the whole song.

over and over i listened to three songs.

since it was rush hour, i avoided the
main drag around here and went back ways.

brought me thru my home town.
drove right by the neighborhood i grew
up in. past my elementary school.

i looked at the sidewalks i walked
as a kid.....

memories flooded thru as i turned up
the music and felt my whole being filling
up with something i couldn't figure out

as i hit her town, i passed the street
of my morning angel who sent me the note
(see post below). they live in the same town.
i drove by her street. the music blaring.
by now i knew i was fillin' up with something
powerful. i looked over in the direction of
her house with eyes filled with tears and

and i kept goin'.

by the time i hit her house, i was filled
with that desire i get sometimes. that desire
that feels like it's in every single cell of
my being.

that feeling of wanting to touch it all,
live it all, express it all.....the feeling
of life exploding inside of you.

one of the songs i was listening to was
she's singing her heart out with these words:

must i live my days in these concrete ways
will the fire break thru this smokey haze
and i swear tonite i'm gonna find that place
it's not the love that dies but the
understanding ways.
i want to testify my love still lives and
breathes and my soul is screaming why.

by the time i pulled into her driveway
i was ready to run head on into life..........

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