Tuesday, March 24, 2009

perspective part one

i had decided that i was gonna face them.
the construction workers. i'm afraid of
those big guys all over the place. everywhere
i turned, massive hulks of bulky men.

yeah, i know...it could be a good thing...
but um....they gave me the jitters.

well, as soon as i decided for real that
i was gonna do that....face them. even tell
them they scared me if i felt like it,
they've been outta my face. they started
workin' in an area further down.

they've been outta my way.

i thought that was so cool.

the timing was amazing.
i totally was ready to face my fear, and it
moved on.


a neighbor called the other day lookin' for
the boys to help with something. i answered.
he told me he saw me walking and he was concerned
for me. so he prayed for me. (he's a minister.
praying is his natural way of helping.)

i laughed and told him that i had all those
construction workers lookin' out for me so there
were no worries.

he said yes, there were a lot of them.

i laughed. i was surprised i didn't say someting
about being afraid of all those guys. no....
i just naturally said they'd take care of me.

later i thought...ya know...i'm gonna change those
guys into my angels. that's what i'm gonna do.

i finally had the opportunity to speak to one this
morning. same sweet guy i talked to before. i stood
close to him and looked at him and joked with him.

i walked away thinking....why?
why am i so afraid of these guys??

they're big, yes.
they can crush me, yes.
but this guy just twinkled.
he actually crinkled his face and twinkled.

kinda like an angel might do.


it's ALL perspective isn't it???


Anonymous said...

Yah, they're big and kinda brash and oh...maybe even raw in that way, but they would just as soon drop their stuff and help if you tripped on a matchstick on the sidewalk and skinned your knee.

I've had lots of random help from "those" guys over the years...construction workers, truckers, bikers...Warmed my heart plenty.

Can't have too many angels watching your back.

Carmen Rose said...

I'll bet he just loved you for seeing past his bulk into his gentleness. Bless you!