Tuesday, March 24, 2009

perspective part 2

if it's all perspective,
then the thing to do would to work on those,
wouldn't it??

i felt heavy in my head this morning.
like a few things were bothering me....but they
were 'head' things....nothing in my heart or my
gut....just things that wouldn't really get out
of my head. weighin' me down.


if it REALLY is perspective....what a perfect
chance to play with that???

and so....
i think of the gift i'm gonna wrap up in a minute.
it's for my neighbor who just had a knee replaced.

my own knee was sore today.i walked slower because
of it. hurt it yesterday. but just a tiny bit.
it works fine.
my knees work fine.
my knees work.
i can walk by the construction workers.
i can walk.

thought of the call i gotta make this morning....
the check in and see how the chemo's goin' call.

oh, yeah...i don't have to endure months and months
of chemo for something that might kill me.

oh yeah.

i thought of the call i need to make tonite....
to a mom who lost her daughter....

oh yeah, i get to go eat breakfast with the apes.

and i get to work with them today.

oh yeah.

suddenly my head doesn't feel so heavy.
for real.
for real.

this stuff floating around in it is hardly

i have a day ahead of me filled with work i love,
people i love...and knees that work.
and angels all around in construction worker clothes.

headin' off to the day with a smile. it really was
that simple to change my perspective.

i know it won't always be that simple...
but i bet a lot of times it is.

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