Friday, March 13, 2009

the rules...

i felt the tug to get out.
just get some air.
grocery shop.
i need to anyway.
just get out.

i hate goin' to the grocery store.
but i love bein there.
all that food and me.
it's heaven.

i picked myself up a treat.
honest tea moroccan mint green tea.
i splurged. bought myself a little jar.
oh yes.

kept feeling like there was a reason i
had to get out. more than food. didn't know...

and there, in line with me, was the most
interesting older gentleman. we got to talking
and i know we coulda talked for hours.
ornery, opinionated and full of interesting
stories...a retired navy historian.

oh how i wanted to ask him out for a cup of
coffee. maybe he was why i was there??? he
was totally fascinating.

i knew i couldn't.
that it wouldn't be 'appropriate.'
so i didn't.

and i don't know....that just sucks.
i feel like those rules get so darn in the way.
like so many interesting people are just outside
my grasp because of rules....



i keep playin' by them....
but i miss sooooo much play because of them...

i don't know tho...i threw it out to the universe.
maybe i'll bump into this guy again. maybe at the
coffee shop! grin.
you never know. the universe seems to have its own
set of rules.

that part i like.

oh well......i could say at least i got my tea
treat here....
but um....something went bad with it.
bad bottle.

that's so funny.

better go steal one of the guys' treats!
no rules about that one!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

why do you sometimes play by the "rules" and other times you don't? could it be that you pick and choose? could it be that you make your own rules? maybe you can change the ones you've chosen to keep.
i love that you even thought about inviting this gent out for tea. you probably would've made his day. hope you run into him again.