Saturday, March 14, 2009

saturday morning tidbits...

she's coming at the right time and making me
think maybe i'm not insane....

first thing i read this morning....

'once having seen, we cannot unsee.
once having known, we cannot unknow.
what we have become conscious of becomes
an integrated aspect of our personal reality.'

i smiled. and thought of butterfly woman
(see a few posts below)

then there's more....

'knowing the Self requires looking deeply
inside and making that which is unconscious
conscious. but this process requires letting
go of many beliefs that appear to serve us well.
it is necessary to look honestly inside and
understand ourselves in new ways.'

she even quotes jesus: ' if you bring forth
what is within you, what you will have will save
you. if you do not bring forth what is within you,
what you do not bring forth will kill you.'

and finally......the finale for this morning....

'but face our own souls we must. the task of
midlife, for each of us, is to illuminate that
which has been unconscious and to bring light
to the darkness. midlife is the time during which
the unconscious emerges with great power and

i read a few pages this morning and wondered
why i don't make more time for this book......
she's talkin' to me and tellin' me it's okay.

thought i'd share in case she's talkin' to you
(awakening at midlife....kathleen brehony)

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Lisa said...

no, she isnt, but you are, and its wonderful to watch you unfold xx