Saturday, March 28, 2009

talking not reciting.

one last lecture thought.....

a prominent writer introduced elizabeth
last nite....

she was obviously a writer.
she had all the beautiful words, strung
them together perfectly, and had memorized
them and said them to us as she checked
her notes....

first of all, i couldn't have gotten up
and said 'um' last nite to that crowd.
so she gets points.

i couldn't have strung together words so
beautifully, so i get the talent.

but i didn't want to be spoken to from
a memorized speech.

i was amazed at how much i reacted to it.
i didn't want it.

if i got up there, i wouldn't have been
able to retain anything i had even tried
to memorize.

i get the stress and the talent in public

i really do.

i just know that i didn't want to be recited
to last nite.

and i reacted on the insides.

when we got in the car, josh said the same thing.
well, only in josh language. but he meant the same

elizabeth got up and just talked.

i don't know how you get up there in front of 2,000
people and just talk.

but wow.....
it totally made a difference.

josh said he felt like he was sitting at the kitchen
table with her.


how cool, huh?

i really really admire someone who can pull that off....

i respected her....and strangely enough...i felt respected

it was kinda interesting.....

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Merry ME said...

Okay, so you didn't go gaga over eat, pray, love. I get that. And it's been so long since I read it I barely remember what it was about! But the minute you said the author was "real" I knew what you meant. And that's what I think I related to in the book. Her ability to be real. That's what I think I'm longing for in my life - people to be real. I'm good at looking out and judging others. I wonder what I'd see if I looked in. I wonder how real I am.