Saturday, March 28, 2009

one heck of a lecture....

okay, so i'm prolly the only woman in
the vast sea of women who read 'eat,
pray, love' who wasn't totally thrilled
with it.

everyone i know loved it.
i thought it was 'okay.'

so if that was the reason to go listen
to a lecture by the author, i would never
have gone.

but i saw her give a lecture on the interent.
click here if you haven't seen it, and want to.

i was totally taken with her from this
lecture. loved her.

looked her up. saw she was speakin' in d.c.
and went with josh and a couple friends last

oh wow.
oh wow.

i loved her from the first moment she opened
her mouth. she was totally real. totally totally
real. told great story after great story that
made us laugh, think, and at times tear up.

she said she couldn't solve anyone's problems,
she couldn't get her own life together.
and i loved her for that.

but it was the simplest sentence that brought
tears to my eyes....

she closed her talk with went something
like this...

'what i'd like to leave you with is to remind
you to be kind to yourself.'

that was it.

it was awesome.

she didn't have any answers.
she had stories.

she had herself.

she had real.

and the entire audience soaked up her realness.

why is it we're so hungry for real???
why is that so hard to find???

i have no idea.

but i treasured her offering herself last nite.
and i am carrying her around with me big time
this morning.

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Michelle said...

be kind to simple yet it can be a task all in itself...for we can do it from time to time...but how often do we do it all the time...esp during times we really truly need to be and kind to simple...and so something we all need to do each and every moment.

When I first found your books I thought of this book and I thought of the book Broken Open...thou they are all completely different...I came across with the same message...dealing with to see myself...accept/embrace myself--ALL of myself not just be kind to value realize just being me is all i ever truly need to be...Three authors...each sharing their story...their words...all so different yet all so the same...I THANK YOU for being one of these have changed everyhing in my life...and all for the better. You are a true gift to this world Terri St. Cloud.