Friday, March 27, 2009

ol' lady shoes

i'm trying to be much more aware of buying american
made stuff. i've been goin' that way for a few years
now....but it's finally got to the point that it's
pretty much always in my mind.
no, that's not true. it's there a lot.
and still, so many times, i forget.
but it's getting better~!

i needed new walking shoes. my feet were gettin' sore.
okay. i want american made. AND let's go wild....
no leather. (i'm vegetarian)....

i found some.
they're kinda um....yucky lookin'.

oh well.
i laughed.
i like goofy shoes.
i like purple, or orange or red, or
glittery or silver or strange....

and these....well.........these were none
of that.

doesn't matter.
i don't care.
this matters more to me.

so i got them.
and i looked at them.
ya know.
they're just shoes.

i put them on.

zakk smirked when he saw them.
just smirked at me.

josh burst out laughing and told
me i needed old lady pants to go with them.

yo looked at me real gently and said 'you know,
they can be cute. you look cute in those mom.'

can we tell which kid is going to make a great

laughin'........and bracin' myself for bob's

so i walked in them.
and you know what???
they felt great. really great.
all the way around great.

who knows...i may have to spray paint them and
put in some fun shoe laces.....
i may have to......

but i did good gettin' these.
and my walk felt that much better.

it's one step towards tryin' to be aware of
what i do with my money. and my gosh, i have
such a long way to go.

but it's a start.
me and my ol' lady shoes.....
we're on our way.


Merry ME said...

What no picture? So what's the brand? Did you buy them on line? I'm needing a pair of walkers and dread the shopping and trying on.

FYI: You know all that mid-life stuff you've been reading about? There's sure to be a chapter on Shoes. I believe there comes a time in a woman's life when she makes a shoe decision based on comfort rather than looks. Your old lady shoes are undoubtedly a sign of this passage. Beware the stray chin hairs!

Sorrow said...

I need to send you a picture of what i did with my "granny shoes!
painted them funky and got rainbow laces!
but they are comfy, they breath
they are made in total
in the USA!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your writing. Simple sandals, feet that can breath for me.