Friday, March 27, 2009

it's all good

when i was a kid, i used to like hangin' out
with the guys so much more than the girls
cause they were so much more fun.

it wasn't til i was grown that i really started
to value girlfriends.

and just knock my socks
off with how cool they are. they make me so glad
i am one!

i got a note today from a very together woman.
who's going thru a very chaotic time. i checked
in with her to see how it's goin.

she described how everything around her was
crumbling, but she was 'deliriously joyful.'
saying it made no sense, but she was.

she said she was losing all the things that
had defined her in the past, and she never felt
so free.

i honestly just felt my whole heart leap for joy
for this woman. i do believe she's finding who
she really is. and i know that she's gonna really
like her, as she's incredible.

it's amazing what it takes to get us there,
sometimes. but wow.....when we get there and grasp
the opportunity! THAT'S so darn cool.

what a journey it is.
it was gray as i walked today. misty.
a memory kinda morning.
memories wandered in and out as i walked.

ALL of it has been good. ALL of it. cause all of
it brought me here.

and i thought of a line in my friend's note this
morning: 'i don't live or die by anything other
than what's contained within me.'

does she know she just put out the wisdom of the
ages in that one short line, in that short paragraph?

'by what's contained within me....' and again
i went to the infinity inside me.....
the journey outside me.....
the mist surrounding me..........

and everything was good.

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