Thursday, March 26, 2009

a home vid strikes a chord

amazing what can hit sometimes.....

my neighbors send me a vid of their grand daughter
(just entering high school next year)
playing the piano and singing.

it's just recorded on her dad's laptop....
nothing fancy....she's at the piano playing and
she sings...and she sings her heart out.

and i actually got teary.

the youth, the possibilities, the beauty, the
talent, the everything.

it totally got to me.

it brought me to this weird place....
of realizing i had no idea about myself at that
age. had no idea what lay inside, what lay

i hope this girl does. i have a feeling she
has a better grasp than i ever had. and for
that i'm grateful.

i didn't see it when i was young.
i didn't see it when i had grown.

am i gonna just let it pass by my whole life?
the ability to see the beauty of myself?
the possibilities i am?

teary just thinking about it all.

that'd be a darn shame, wouldn't it?

how many of us are just letting that pass
right by us?

i'm thinking i'm not the only one....
and i'm thinking we need to change that.....

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