Monday, March 30, 2009

thanking the colors....

ohmygosh is it pretty out.
and ohmygosh did i need to be out in it.

there's something about the colors today.
they're northern.
i have no idea what that means in words,
but i do in feel and looks.

i love the north. the colors are different.
they're silvery darker or something.
they're my favorite.

and there they were this morning. all around

i walked.
i was actually feelin' kinda angry about

yeah, ms. no anger was feelin' angry.
weird dream.
brought up some stuff.
and i was ready to punch someone.

and at one point i was walkin' and
the colors just called me into them.
forget the anger.
come on in here.


and i did.

there's still some stuff swirlin'
inside....but the colors took over
the main deal.

and i let them.

i think that was what made it extra cool.
i let them.

it's a choice, isn't it, ter?

it's all a choice.

1 comment:

peggi said...

terri - i'm playing catch up on reading your blog....i remember the sky from monday....i remember thinking that it looked like a snow sky....if only it had been a bit colder!