Friday, March 6, 2009

a thought from my latest book...

oh i am so loving this new book.
i've only had three times i've sat with
it, and each time i stop and think
'she understands me!'
that's such a good feeling!

(this is the book 'awakening at midlife'
by kathleen brehony. a very close friend
of mine is friend's with her. i may
have to pull some strings here....

anyway....she takes a thought from
they compared life to a piece of embroidery:
during the first half we look at the right
side, while during the second half we see the
wrong side - which is not as beautiful but
is more instructive, since we can see the way
in which the threads have been worked together.

ohhhhhhh.....i liked that.
and i so definitely feel like that's what's
goin' on.
altho....i don't feel real comfortable with
the 'right' side and the 'wrong' side....
but i get the idea!

way cool.
wanted to share.....

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