Sunday, March 8, 2009

tidbits again!!

i'm dangerous with a good book.
and now i have TWO that i'm reading at once!
i got some reading time in with my second
book today. ohmygosh.......

tidbits to share!
the book is the sequel to 'kitchen table
wisdom.' this one is called 'my grandfather's

i'm just barely past the intro and loving it

first gasp....

she's describing blessings in the most gorgeous
way. and there's one part where she says:

'a blessing is a moment of meeting, a certain
kind of relationship in which both people
involved remember and acknowledge their true
nature and worth, and strengthen what is whole
in one another.'

i thought of the young woman in charlottesville
the other nite. when she handed me her cd and
our eyes held for a moment. THAT was a moment
like the author describes.

how totally cool to have a word for those moments!

second gasp:

'perhaps the wisdom lies in engaging the life you
have been given as fully and courageously as
possible and not letting go until you find the
unknown blessing that is in everything.'


and my final gasp for this sitting:

'the language of the soul is meaning. ...
meaning helps us to see in the dark. it strengthens
the will to live in us...
over time meaning heals many things that are beyond
finding meaning does not require us to live differently;
it requires us to see our lives differently....
meaning may change the way we see ourselves and the world.
people who have felt themselves to be victims may be
surprised to realize they are heroes.'

those are my tidbits.

i'm thinking this woman so totally rocks.
i'm sure i'll be sharing a lot as we go along here....


Anonymous said...

Adding another one to the ever growing reading list. :) Thanks!!

Lisa said...

she does rock- totally
such word play
beautiful xx