Monday, March 9, 2009

mustaches and play

it is so totally spring outside this morning.
all the birds were out playin' with each other...
everything was singing or playing!

made me think of how much i love to play.
which made me think of mustache monday!
we've got another monday!

i just popped my mustache on!
i need this today.

i'm in need of some playing!

my favorite thing about this is watchin'

he forgets i have it on. then will come
in to say something and i'll turn to him
and he'll see the stache and the look
he gets on his face EVERY TIME cracks me up!

i don't know if it was cause i was quiet all
weekend or what.....but i am sooooo ready
to play today!

off to post a picture on facebook!


Lisa said...

moustache monday ??
how does that work ?

Sarah said...

Terri, you are hilarious! You put a smile on my face...

Merry ME said...

Can you post a mustache picture on your blog?