Monday, March 9, 2009


i just posted my mustache photo on facebook
and included a picture of the woman who was
helping me with the art gig last week.

she made such an impression on me that i
wanted to post about her...

her name is virginia....and i loved her from
the very start.

but when she came out to meet me in person
for the first time with this awesome cool
mustache on, she won my heart forever!

this woman was a total inspiration to me.

she gave of herself so freely and energetically.
she threw herself into setting up that show for
me. and what a job she did! it was lovely!

when she took me over to her own art, i just
about fell over. she does mosaics....and my gosh...
she does them right. her stuff was gorgeous.
i heard noah trying to describe it to zakk and he
said 'she takes mosaics to the next level.'
i agree.

she told me her story of finding her art in a
dark time and how it poured out of her.

she was open, and caring, and strong and confident.
she made me laugh, she made me think, and she
made me want to go home and create more art.

and she had the best mustache i'd ever seen!

people do all kindsa things to me. they can make
me think, they can make me sad, they can make
me laugh, drain me, energize me, the whole deal...

but when they inspire me......ohhhhhh
i just love that!

i've been carryin' virginia around inside me since
i met her.

i've been thinking....
it's WHO she she dealt with living.

while i loved her mosaics and wouldn't mind owning
every single piece she made....what stayed with me
more was the story of how she did them when she was
down. to pull herself back into life.

it's HOW SHE LIVES....not what she does.

even with the show....
she coulda just set it up like anyone else woulda.
but she put so much into it, you woulda thought it
was HER show.

there wasn't a line that divided her and i.
she wasn't doin' it for me. she was doin' it for us.
and i felt that.

i didn't feel lines between us.
i felt an openness and i felt her energy in living.

there's a lot there to think about.
specially after that awesome cool quote from josh...
about living like your life is a very hot fire....

don't live the lukewarm stuff, ya know???
there wasn't anything lukewarm about virginia....
and i sure loved that.

it's how you live.

and so.......HOW are you living???

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