Friday, March 20, 2009

toastin' friends tonite!

she's the best.
she doesn't know it.
but she is.
and i appreciate her soooo much!

when i get stuck, muddled, confounded,
and/or lost, i email her and dump.

she's always right there for me with
nurturing wisdom. it's amazing to me
how i feel so much better after i get
a note back.

i look for them, wait for them, hold my
breath for them.

she was there for me again today.

i couldn't get something straight.....

here's some of the bottom lines that she
handed me today.....

there is no one answer. it will change daily
or by the moment. i just need to follow my
heart as i go along. there's no one answer
that will fix this for me. trust my heart.

sometimes it's good to offer yourself to people
who can't/won't accept it, and sometimes it's
good to say 'nope, not throwing pearls to swine

don't look for what people can't give you.

take care of yourself. take extra care when you're
already dealing with big stuff. you don't need to
deal with all of them at once.

i thought all those things were really good and
worth throwin' out there for us all.

she's also forever reminding me of the different
personality types and how different people react
and see things so incredibly differently.

sometimes that's a really hard one for me to hold.

i really don't know what i'd do without them!
and sometimes i wonder if i'd stay sane without
this particular buddy of mine.....
i'd sure feel a lot more lost.

toastin' friends tonite!

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