Tuesday, April 7, 2009

and the telephone booth exploded....

i was walkin' and thinking and things were
flyin' thru my mind. butterfly woman came
thru, the little terri's, some memories,
all these crazy dreams i keep havin,
frustrations i've been feelin, all kindsa

i walked and grinned and said 'whoa. it's
gettin' really crowded in here!'

i really felt over stuffed.

and all of a sudden a kids song popped into
my head. it was one of my favorites i used
to listen to with the kids.

it's about bruno and the telephone booth.
he lives in one, and he keeps inviting everyone
in. friends, the choir, the fire department.
it's supremely excellenty fun. and it gets
really crowded in there.

i couldn't remember the ending. i was thinking
'how did that end?' and wondering what do i do
with my really full telephone booth here.

i pictured this phone booth. with me in it
and all these other things/people/parts/dreams
in there with me.

and all of a sudden........
the phone booth BURST apart from all the pressure.

shattered glass everywhere!
safety glass of course.
beautiful and harmless.

and everyone kinda landed everywhere and
there was laughter and a huge sense of relief
and just a really good feeling.

and then.......the most amazing thing.......

little terri got up and put a handful of the
glass pieces on butterfly woman's feet. real
gently. just for fun.

and then everyone started puttin glass everywhere.
there was glass scattered in the corners of my
dreams so that i would remember that they were
a good thing,there to help me, and to remind me
that there are no limits. that we're exploding the

there was glass used to finish off a memory that's
too long to explain, but made me laugh out loud.

someone put glass pieces on the top of my head
and made a tiara.

on and on went the glass play.

and running thru it all was this sense that a
barrier needed to break. that there needed to be
some sort of explosion of the walls that were
keeping me in.

i think there's a lot more explosions to come.
but this one reminds me.........they don't have
to be bad. they can be quite fun.

and they can feel really good.


Anonymous said...

dare i say that it seems you've had a "break" thru???
i love the tiara part. i want one, too!
love you.

Merry ME said...

I love the way you can take an explosion and make a tiara out of it! For anyone else that would be a stretch, but you have a wonderfully unique ability to turn dark to light, sad to glad and bad to good. Thanks for sharing this insight.

JoyZAChoice said...

okay...first...your 'tigger' thing? HOLYMOLY! did you know that he's my veryalltimefavorite character? bet you didn't know that. people used to call me tigger once. and every time i'd hear it, i'd do his little song..."the wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things...." so now i've got goosebumps all up my arms. tigger terri. go figure.
the other thing...about the glass...well, it just really struck me...about the tiara and the glass on butterfly woman's feet...struck me bigtime. love that, ter. hugs~

Carmen Rose said...