Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tiggers, muddles, and flying feet

it's no coincidence that my nickname is
i really do love to bounce.

i had hurt my foot and taken a week off
(exercising on a little trampoline)
well, today i was back at it,
and as soon as i started i realized that
this has now become as important to me
as my walking has become.

i could feel sanity return as soon as i
started. i was scattered this morning and
didn't have any bouncing music picked out
so i grabbed anything i could find.

i ended up bouncin' to this one song that
i love....'up around the bend.'

i bounced with the biggest smile on my face.

'there's a place up ahead that i'm goin',
just as fast as my feet can fly.
come away, come away if you're goin,
leave a sinking ship behind....'

and on and on it goes.

i figured out i'm ready to plow in.

it took me forever to know i was in a
then i needed time to name the muddle
and see the muddle.
then i've been fighting the muddle
big time.

i told my bud yesterday that i was just
beginning to see the muddle as a really
good thing and was almost ready to
willingly go....but not quite yet.

this morning as i bounced, i knew i was
ready. ready to go up around the bend....

i know i have places to go.
and i know that gettin' around that bend
is gonna be one heck of a journey.

but i'm ready to go.
just as fast as my feet can fly....

and it felt really good to know that this

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