Monday, April 6, 2009

a map

so we both needed an outlet.
and we had planned on coffee anyway....
so we sat and ranted and laughed
and goofed our way thru some stresses.

it was just what we both needed.

she makes me laugh so hard. and it felt
so good.

and i whined at her and told her i figured
out that i just want a map.
i just want a map of life, and i'd be fine.
jokes began and we laughed and carried
and then she looked at me seriously and
said 'why don't you make one? make a map.'

my eyes lit up.

i liked the idea.

we talked of a particular ravine i fell in
a lot.
she said 'just put that at the bottom of the
then she thought for a moment....
no. no. better yet.....leave it off the map!


i liked that.

so an idea was born.

still not exactly sure how to do it.
gonna have to sit and play.
but i do know that it's got to be what i
want in life.
not the bumps.
at first i was thinking i'd need to put
the bumps in.
and i don't know, i may draw them in as
they appear....
but i think i have to leave them out now.

the universe just told me so.

i was leaning that way...put only in what
i want....

when i got a call from a friend.
he calls out of the blue and usually
chats a bit.
not this time.
he just called to tell me that he was only
focusing on what he wanted in life.
that was it.
he told me. said he had to go.

it was all very odd.

i hung up and thought hmmmmmmmm......
if that wasn't a message to me, i don't
know what would be!

so okay.
a map.
focusing on what i want in life.

i don't know how to do it.
but i do know it will get me thinking.
and help me focus where i want to focus...
and i think it may really help in some
odd kinda funky way......

go figure.

a map.

why not?


Lisa said...

we have a map- we just cant remember it- the closest you will get is in the palm of your hand- literally- go find a GOOD palmist xx

runzwithknives said...

Why not, indeed!

When I decided to move to Hawaii (but really had no idea *how* that would happen), each day driving to work I "saw" myself driving to work or the beach there with mountians in Colorado replaced by mountains in Hawaii...the plains were replaced with the ocean.
Yeah, I visioned it. It fell into place in 7 months.

Now, as I redraw the map...I "see" another map...driving once again to work with the Rockies on one side and the plains n the other. The cottage, my things, and work.

Could help. Certainly doesn't hurt.
Leave the bumps out. there will be fewer that way...