Monday, April 6, 2009

focus. focus. focus.

i feel lost.
well, yeah.
but focus on the good.
i can do that.
there's so much of it.

but what about this feeling?
focus on the good.
just focus on this or that.
it's so good.

but am i sposed to be looking at this

you know you got it.
that's enough.
focus on the good.

focus inside.
everything you need is inside you.


and so the walk went.

and i walked faster and faster and

i feel lost.
and yeah, i think it's a lot of
'midlife stuff' goin' on.
and dreams.
dreams upon dreams.

i used to love my dreams.
why am i fighting working with them now?
cause they make me feel lost.....

i'm in a certain spot.
upheaval and lost is part of it.
good and happy is also part of it.

i read last nite that i'm sposed to be
workin' on the not so dominant parts of
me. to kinda round me out.

i looked at zakk and said i could use some
help with the logic and thinking stuff.
maybe you'll help me?

he agreed.

gonna try to work on some of that.
try not to run totally on emotions today.
focus on the incredible heap of stuff i want
to do today.

i'm gonna try to step out and watch the process
instead of bein' the darn process.


and a little laughin' thrown in......

1 comment:

Sarah said...

lost with you Ter... we can be lost together...