Sunday, April 5, 2009

and what do you run on?

he's all logic, and very good at stringing
things together that would take me months
to figure out.

he was doin' it again yesterday. it was like
his logic meter was on high.

and he started figurin' out how my thought
processes/actions worked and how his worked
and how different everyone was walkin' around.

so last nite when we gathered with the guys
in the living room, the topic came up.

looking over at zakk, he grinned.
so, zakk, when was the last time you had an
intense emotional reaction to something?

zakk smiled.
uh. i don't do that too often.

but then he asked him when was the last time
he was stuck on a problem of the intellect
and pondered and pondered and flipped it
around in his mind and tried to figure it out.
when was the last time he was consumed with
something like that.

oh yeah, he does that all the time.

i started whoopin' and hollering and goofin'
and yellin' about having an intellect too
and i wasn't all emotions, and i got all
emotional about it.

bob just gently said 'i rest my case.'

and we laughed.

and then we went to yo and asked him how
he worked, and then to josh.

and we all talked about how we reacted to
things and how we dealt with things and
we saw all the big differences and similarities
in the room.

and we talked about how the way we operate
inside seems like that must be the way everyone
operates, and it's not.

i sat there watchin' this group of apes talkin'
this over. there was bantering and teasing,
and a lotta thought goin' on.

we're all learnin' together.
and it's just the coolest thing.
i've been learnin' together with my boys ever
since they got here.
and i'm still doin' it.
these grown apes sittin' around me helpin me
figure out not only how to see the differences,
but how to respect them and work with them.

i think learning to respect the differences is
one of the most important things we can do.

and i think learning to really love the differences
and ALLOW the differences at some very trying
times is one of the hardest things i've ever
tried to do. but i'm gettin' there.

and these guys of mine are all in training.
when they hit my age, they'll be experts.

i got up to go to the other room for a minute.
and i stood listening to them.

i smiled.
i've got the best team in the world behind me.

i got all emotional.

and then i laughed.
i run on emotions.
and sometimes it's awesome cool.

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