Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bowing down

i couldn't get her off my mind this morning.
josh stopped by last nite and mentioned her.

a mom of one of his little students.
single mom. raising three kids. the kid that's
a student is a natural musician. totally

she's tight on money and josh gives her a break.
i saw her son play at the talent show and was
totally wowed. i offered to kick in a little bit
too. i wanted to support his talent.

josh stopped by their apartment last nite to
drop off a guitar or something.

he told me she had been gettin' up at three in
the morning all week, had the three young kids,
small apartment, tryin' to get by.

i met her and her family at the talent show.
beautiful family.

maybe it's just too close to home, ya know?
i don't know....but she's stuck in my mind.

i thought of when the guys and i were first
starting out. i didn't sleep much back then.
i'd fall asleep with bone sighs on my bed and
wake up right next to them. i was so busy
tryin' to make it work, that there wasn't much
time to sleep.

i walked into my house after my walk and thinking
about her. i saw how blessed i was thru that
whole journey. i had a house to live in and
raise the kids. and the way it all worked out,
i had time to make the transition into bone

my heart aches for her.
she reminds me that i had it easy compared to
so many.

and if mine was easy, i'd really not want to live
hard. ya know?

i want to help out a little more. and yet i don't
want to step on toes. i'm gonna write a letter and
explain my motives and tell her something really
important to me.....

when i was first starting out, everyone i met
seemed to rally behind me. was odd as i lost a lot
of family along the way, and somehow those gaps were
filled by strangers reaching out and offering help.

i think of that a lot and try to pay it back, but
i never will be able to....because that kinda thing
is priceless.

i sit here and think of the pain and struggle of life...
as sucky as those times can be, they really do offer
a chance for us to touch our humanity and touch each
other, don't they? and then i remember.......she's
gonna struggle a lot, yeah. true enough. but she's
also going to touch gold like she never knew existed.

i did.

and i'm bowing to the universe this morning for the
reminder of all i have....and all i've been thru...
and all whose fingertips touched mine.


t2 said...

whew! I remember. And what's more - I STILL feel this.
If you will email me your friend's name and city I would like to send her some special Reiki energy. Just because.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohh single mom-hood..been there too, still there. I have looked back and did not see the diamonds at that time..just the rough.