Friday, April 3, 2009

feelin' lucky

i'm in my studio.
the rain is pouring down.
i love this. you can hear it on my roof top.
it was barely raining when i went walking.
i'm debating goin' back out....
but then again....bein' warm and cozy with
it bouncin' on my roof is pretty nice too.

i'm listening to the rain, lovin' it and
then i hear the laughter of the guys up
in the kitchen. they're watchin' stupid
youtube vids and howling with laughter.
they each have their individual laugh and
i listen to each one and grin. they're
laughin' hard and it feels good to hear them.

i can tell which vids they're watchin'
and i'm laugin' along.

i looked out at my flooded yard....all the
raindrops makin' great designs in the puddles....

feelin' lucky to be here......

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