Wednesday, April 1, 2009

for you, my friend....

there is nothing wrong with you, my friend.
you call and ask me with that desperate tone
that hurts to hear, and i'm sure hurts to house.

you are beauty walkin' around that doesn't know it.

you are strength, and goodness and heart....
and yeah, i are darkness, and angry,
and crazed and full of passion.

you are yin and yang my friend.

sometimes those opposites flow so smoothly
and sometimes they churn inside you.

i think when the churning starts, the self doubt
rises and bubbles and you start to feel like
you're drowning.

you're not drowning.
you may go under, you may get bumped around
in the whirl pool.....

but you'll come up again.
and you'll flow again.

the trick i think, is to know that.
to know that it's all a cycle.
it's all a flow. sometimes smooth, sometimes

the rope of trust is there for you.
and now seems like when you need it.
hold on to it, and pull yourself up when
you need that air.......

trust in the process.
trust in your growth.
trust in who you are.

if you can't find the rope.....look over
in my eyes.

yeah, i may be lost finding my own rope,
but i always have yours right there.
cause i totally trust who you are and totally
trust in your growth and your process and
in your heart.

i see more in you than you'll ever know.
and yes, i do see that darkness too.
i can't say i see it all.
but i can say i see enough.
way enough.

look in my eyes and find the rope.
i've got it waiting for you whenever you need it.


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Josh said...

You'd better add another notch in the tissue box that you hand to the big strong men!