Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter

what a beautiful morning!
easter morning!
and while i'm no longer christian,
i still love easter!

i was a kid when the rock opera
'jesus christ superstar' came out.
and i have loved it since i first heard

every year around easter time, i pull
that back out and relisten to it. a few
times in fact. never just once.

the psychology of that whole opera has
always fascinated me. to me, it covers
so much.

there's the confusion of love. and not
knowing exactly how to, and what it's about
and what to do with it.

oh can i relate to that.

there's the trying to do something you
think is right, and getting so stuck on
the reality you think is there, and missing
that it's not what you tyhink.
and then suffering for not seeing clearly.

there's the peer pressure and the fear
of goin' against the crowds. the lack of
belief in yourself or what you know.

there's the masses of people and the changes
in their moods and how they all feed each

there's the not understanding of things,
not wanting to be part of them, but at the
same time, being part of them....and then
never being able to forget it.

there's the struggle....the intense complete
struggle (interestingly enough, the song i'm
thinking of that deals with this has always
been my favorite)....the fear, the not wanting
the struggle....and then the release, and
giving in to the flow.

there's passion, and good hearts, and anger
and love, and confusion, worldly power, and
real power....

it has so much in it.

and i listen, and i feel all of it inside me.
it's all parts of me. it touches so many things

it always seems right to listen to it this time
of year.

and i think of what easter means to me now.

a time of new life. birth, death, release,

a time when everything in that opera stirs inside
of me....and i know that the possibilities are

i still love easter.

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peggi said...

Superstar is also one my favorites. It's the first play I ever saw on Broadway. My church youth group jumped up and down and stomped our feet until we got the powers that be to give in and let us go. This was WAY back in the day - 1972 to be exact! I just saw it again last week on my birthday - not a great production (Ted Neeley REALLY needs to retire!)- but it still gets to me every time I see it. Although I did come home and get out the CD just to cleanse my palate!