Monday, April 13, 2009

the perfect easter....

oh what a great day yesterday!
there as the 'egg hunt' that yo and zakk
did for josh and i. josh and i ran around
his yard like two crazed kids tryin'
to beat each other to the candy. it was
so fun. complete with him throwing me into
the fence so he could get the candy i was
reachin' for.

it was HIS fence tho, since we were at his
house and then he started worryin' about me
breaking HIS fence and pulled me out...

there was badminton with the peep for the birdie...
and zakk slidin' all over the yard as he had
no traction on his shoes.

there was a walk to the river and sitting by
the river and just listenin' and watchin'.

there was laughing, wrestling, talking, and

the perfect easter.

i watched those guys of mine, and held the
treasure of the day really close.

there can't be too many more of these.
which makes me treasure them all the more.


T2 said...

will all due respect - I disagree, my friend - there will be MANY MORE of these!

Merry ME said...

It does indeed sound like a great day. I suspect there will be plenty more, because when you all get together there always seems to be love in the air. Love, and fun and food. Yeah, my friend, there will be lots more times like that. The dynamics might change. There may be more people added to the mix (wives and children - EGADS!)but my heart tells me there will also be quiet moments when the four of you sit and listen.