Monday, April 20, 2009

inner children

so i posted a question up on facebook.
who felt like they had an inner child?
gettin' lotsa responses from people who
feel they do.

i think that's just the most interesting

and what i'm wondering is why we don't
all let them out at once and play?!

i bet if i met a lotta these people i wouldn't
see the child. and they wouldn't see mine....

it's the protecting thing and the mask thing
and all that.....

what a darn shame.
it could be so much fun if we just stopped
all that......

but i guess that's the whole thing....we've
hidden them away.

and then even when they come out, do we see
them in other people??
it took me a long time to recognize bob's.

it's so different than mine. and definitely
a little boy i woulda worried about as a
little girl! the dip your pony tail in the ink
kinda kid.

this stuff fascinates the daylights outta me.
there is so much to us.
will we ever really know all the parts?
let alone heal them all, integrate them all,
love them all, embrace them all, express them

i doubt it......
but it sure is cool to try......


Anonymous said...

women have inner children. In men, the child never goes "in"

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohhhhh my inner child is Almighty heidi..she has superhero powers and a cape :o)