Monday, April 20, 2009

steppin' up to the plate

so i'm gettin' just a little riled up.

i did some guy a favor.
and he's taken advantage of me.
at first i was all uncomfortable about it.
he's pretty much a stranger and i've
been tryin' to be careful with him.

phlllllppppphhhhhhhhh (insert rasberry
sound here)

forget that. i've been tryin' to be careful
because of my own safety and it's turned
stupid. and i've had enough.

i can handle him. and i will handle him.
and i totally resent his preying on my
good nature.

and then last nite i got some creepy call
at four in the morning. it unnerved me
and made me miss any good sleep afterwards.

infact, it made me miss my walk as i ended
up headin' back into bed instead of walkin'.

phhhhhhlppppppppphhhhhhh (yet another raspberry

i'm just a little tired of these two instances
of weird male energy.

i'm not into weird male energy.

and what i used to do was COWER.
well.....i used to be a different person too.

louder raspberry noise)

twice yesterday i thought 'i need a husband.'
once in the middle of overwhelming chores
and then right after the creepy call.

i can't even insert a raspberry noise loud
enough at this point!

forget that.
what i need is to just deal with it all.

enough already.

and watchin' myself this morning feels really
good. it's not a husband i need.
it's belief in myself and the ability to do
what i gotta do.

and i have both!
ohmygosh! how cool is that?!

now, i want a life without weird male energy.
so i'm gonna make that happen.

feelin' kinda good about this....

1 comment:

Sorrow said...

Weird male energy?
With all those male hormones in your home...
how could there possibly be space for weirdness?