Wednesday, April 29, 2009


ya know what?
i don't have any answers.
guess no one's surprised there.

no answers.


well, maybe one or two out of what
i bet is a list of a million....

so, that pretty much counts as none.

and i just realized i really like that.

go figure.

i drive myself crazy tryin' to get answers
so much of the time.
but i know, there's none to get.
i just have to do the best i can.

and yeah, there's lots of times i wish i
had them.....
but those are desperate moments where i
NEED an answer to survive.

or at least...i THINK i do.
but i don't.

as i sit here thinking about some of the
people i know who do have all the answers....
well......i feel real lucky i don't.

they don't seem to see anymore.
they just know.

maybe that's the danger of having ANYTHING....
once you have it, maybe you don't see anymore.
or maybe you just don't see with such a wide
range vision anymore. you just know.

people, things, ideas.
you just know them or it and you stop seeing.

i started out just thinking about not having
the answers....
but this has got me thinking about the people
in my life.

i don't want to stop seeing them.
i don't want to just assume i know them.

same with ideas and beliefs.


i was feelin' good about not having answers
for a change....which was a pretty big step
for me.

never big enough!

now i see i gotta expand that and feel good
about not having any security at all.....

that i need to realize that i don't know
a darn thing about anything or anybody!!

life is too weird.
and what's weirder is the idea actually appeals
to me this morning.......

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