Thursday, April 23, 2009


we don't stay the same, do we?
there's changes all the time.

i had to walk thru something today.
and i knew it.
and i didn't know how to.

so i let it lead me.

that's a fairly new thing for me.

maybe it's a brand new thing.

i hunkered down and stayed to myself.
let my introvert side take over.

and i listened.

i really did listen.

i didn't think it to death.
i didn't push it or pull it or
try to fix it.

it exhausted me.

cause i had to let go and just follow.

but i did.

and i got really really tired.

and i can see how my strength is comin'
back in as i go along here.

i listened, i heard, and i nodded in

i followed.

i honest to pete followed something inside
me that knew.

go figure.

i never quite did it like this today.

i'm thinking that i might want to do this

if i really truly believe that all the answers
are way deep down inside me...
why the heck don't i do this on a regular

i'm gonna sleep good tonite.....
who knew listening could take such work....


maybe it wasn't the listening.

maybe it was the accepting.

oh yeah.

i bet that was what tired me out.


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