Friday, April 24, 2009

the things that make me smile

wow it's beautiful out.
i just soaked it in as i walked.

filled with gratitude and concentrated
on the good.

there's a whole lot i don't understand
or can't figure out.

and i really don't care today.
it'll all work itself out.

she was out in her jammies.

i didn't see her.

she hollered.
i backed up.

gave her a big 'good mornin' woman!'
and opened my arms wide to hug her.

she chuckled and hugged back.

and then she started ranting and raving
about the boys.

so i joined in.
i love to do that.

they've been helpin' her a bit.
and she's so tickled.

somtimes it rattles me a bit when i think
about how much she counts on us. i'm worried
about the day it'll really count. and hope
i'll be there knowing what to do.

but this morning as i wandered back towards
my house, i just concentrated on how nice
it was to have her two doors down.

and i smiled.

i get to have lunch with the boys today,
and i'm gonna grab some time to hang with josh
at some point.

those are the things i want to concentrate on

the things that make me smile.

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