Friday, April 10, 2009

a little angled lemonade

i am lovin' this day!

i just hung up with one of the people
who provide our mats and backs for bone sighs.

awhile ago, by accident, she sent us the wrong
backs. it's all custom cut and not something
you can just reuse for another order. so if
i shipped it back, she'd eat the cost.

understanding 'eating the cost' all too well,
we decided to make a whole new product to go
with these backs she sent us. then we could use
them, and she didn't have to get them back.

so we did.
yo and i made something together.

and it is one of our better sellers!

it's the weirdest thing, that seems to be
the way our business works. it survives
on love and caring.

i just placed the first REFILL of that mistake.

she called to double check on it and i was
tellin' her how they created a whole new thing
up here. we laughed over it, talked about
surviving thru the economic stuff and at the
end she said she was the one who had made that
mistake with my order and she thanked me for
making lemonade out of the lemons she sent me.

what struck me was they weren't lemons at all.

but you only knew that if you looked at them
from the right angle.

it's all in the angle, isn't it????

that point keeps hittin' home with me.