Friday, April 10, 2009


and finally......

i got wild last nite and put this little
follower thing on my blog.
i'm not sure why i did.
i think i wanted to impress zakk that
i could do it on my own, that i'd even
think of doin' something like that,
and that it'd be 'the thing to do.'

i don't know tho....
i wish it wasn't called 'follower'
i wish it was called 'friend'....

maybe i can go do something about that.
i'll try.

i'd love it to fill with friends.
not followers.
followers sounds like maybe you think
i have something to say.

we all know better than that.

friends sounds like you care enough to
come check in.

and that sounds so cool.
i'd like that.

so if you feel like bein' a friend...
there's that little gadgety thing on
the side.

i'm gonna go see if i can make it
say friend.......
then i'm gonna go show off to zakk.

i did a gadgety thing.
he'll be amazed!

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