Friday, April 10, 2009

i found my ground again....

words matter so much to me.

i do not know why. but i feel like i can't
function without them.

i think in emotions and feelings, but
at the same time, i gotta connect words
to some of it or i go nuts.

well, what if i have the wrong word?!

uh oh.
danger will robinson.

that has potential to cause a lot of
havoc inside.

and havoc indeed has been what it's been

last nite i figured it out.

it wasn't a happy eureka kinda moment.
in fact, it was really sad and made me
cry. it felt like a loss.

but i knew it was right to let it go.

this morning i feel a new sense of freedom.

i've stepped out of the whirlpool that
had me spinning and sinking.

and i've stepped onto the earth.
my earth. my ground.

and i like it here.

go figure.
i really really like it here.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

good- i love words too