Monday, April 27, 2009

mind, body and spirit

my spirit was rarin' to go this morning.
my mind had vowed to exercise and just really
dig on in.

my body followed....but not quite with the
vigor my spirit and mind and planned on.

by the time i started on my walk, i could
tell it just wasn't gonna be quite as spunky
as i had hoped.

i could feel my back leanin' in further than
normal and my spirit runnin' ahead a few yards
and turnin' and pullin' my body along....

it just wasn't quite melding all together.

i got to thinking about that.
it felt like my spirit and body just weren't
workin' together.

let's see if i can change that.

and so i started concentrating on that.
just kinda bringing my spunky spirit back
a bit and inhabiting my slower body and giving
it some energy.

i concentrated on this and watched my movements
get smoother and easier.

ohhhhhh this is kinda cool.

i kept it up and seemed to get in some nifty
groove. and then.....
i had this nasty thought.
i caught it.
that sucked, terri. what'd you do that for?

and then i got to thinking......
mind. body. spirit.
i want all three working together.

oh yeah, i laughed.
that's about totally impossible.

but what if i concentrated on that?
what if i did a check in.
how's the mind?
okay? spirit?
not so good?
okay, let's concentrate there a bit.
okay, body?
needs water.
okay. got it.


and a new idea was born.

check ins.
i can do the check in with the three.
see what's outta whack.

yeah, well, great.
one of the three ALWAYS seems to be out
of whack.

well, that's okay.
maybe the triple check in can help that.
maybe it can work like the walk did.

when i'm leanin' in, tryin' too hard and
just not makin' it, one of the stronger
parts can move in and kinda get in a groove
with the weaker part.

ohhhhhhhh this could be so darn cool.
or not.

certainly worth a try.

i just wrote myself a note. put it on my desk.
remind myself to check in.
gonna see where this takes me......

1 comment:

peggi said...

As in any relationship, it's NEVER 50/50 - or 331/3 as the case may be. Lean on what's the strongest at the moment...maybe the other parts just need to coast a bit!