Monday, April 27, 2009

worth it

so he posted a poem.
and knowing him, reading the poem......
it was an incredible poem.

so good i wasn't sure he wrote it.

and i wasn't sure i should comment.
so i didn't.

and then there was a nudge.
he said we should comment.

so i went back and looked at it again.
and reread it.

and thought about people.

we are the most amazing creatures.

we can seem like the biggest blockheads on the
planet, we can act like we don't care, we can
be so difficult to touch or to reach...
and then......magnificence can pour out of us.
and it can be so deep and so real and so raw
it can just rip someone else's heart.
and then we can go back into our turtle shells.

and THAT reminds me yet again.....
that we can't stop reachin' and tryin' to touch
each other.

cause magnificence is inside each other.
and sometimes we need someone else to try really
hard to find it in us.

i so have to remember that.
i so have to keep trying when i feel like it's
just not worth it.

because it is.


peggi said...

wow Terri, the turtle shell really hit home. I've got a friend who tells me all the time to quit doing my "turtle impersonation" every time something is bothering me. Something else to work on!

Anonymous said...

...and then we can go back into our turtle shells...

And remember not to cement them shut