Monday, April 27, 2009

i fail

okay. you gotta remember i live with guys.
and guys are just different.
they just are.

zakk's word for the last few weeks has been

'that fails.'
'you fail.'
'it, he and she fail.'

everywhere you turn around.

did you like dinner?
'it failed.'

and you just want to hit him.
but i also know that this will pass.
and so i grin and tease him back.
so we've been tellin' zakk he fails.

this morning i was eating breakfast with
yo and zakk.

i got my period this morning (which could
explain the body not working with me during
exercises today! see post below)
and so i announced it at breakfast.

i ALWAYS announce it to them so that they
can be a bit gentle with me.
otherwise they tend to throw me around and
toss me to the ground and things like that.

so i usually say something like:
'i just got my period. everyone has to be
kind and gentle to me now.'
i pronounce it like a queen with full
expectations that this will be carried out.
and it usually is.

they're used to it.
they've grown up with it.

so i announce it.
and then......the coolest thing happens.

yo knows that for the longest time i was in
sync with the full moon. just recently got out
of that cycle.

so the first thing he does is ask
"when's the full moon?"

how cool is that? he goes right there.

and i laughed and said.....ohhhhhhh i'm way off.
not on target anymore.

and what does he say??

'oh mom, you fail.'

and i burst out laughing.

living with these guys is just such a treat.

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