Monday, April 27, 2009

new claims

what a day! wow, was it busy.
i just melted it all away in the shower.
and as i was standing there melting,
i thought of a call i got from a new shop owner.
she was so enthusiastic about bone sighs and
said all kindsa really neat things.

i stood there thinking about that.

and then thinking about how i felt yesterday.

i was among REAL artists and REAL writers and
REAL musicians.

and i didn't feel like a real writer or a real

now before everyone rolls their eyes or rushes
to tell me i am one....hang on....

cause i actually think this goes to a good spot.

as i'm melting in the shower, i thought about this...

okay, ter....what would you claim then?
if you seriously wouldn't claim those things...what
WOULD you claim???

two things came to mind:
emoter and searcher.

oh yeah.
i'd claim both of those.

i not only can emote and search with the best of them,
i know i HAVE to. i have to to be alive.
it's part of me.
THAT i would claim.

i pictured standing in a room with artists.
i'd know they were artists and i wasn't.

same with writers. could picture the whole thing.
nope. i couldn't do it.

but put me in a room with searchers. and yeah,
i'd say i was one of them.
put me in a room with emoters, yep. no problem.

it was easy.
i could claim it without hesitation.

and i thought of all the people who come thru who do
art or write or sing and tell me they don't feel like
artists or writers or singers....

and i nod and tell them we'll get it. we just gotta play
the game, say the words, and it'll sink in.

but maybe that's wrong.
maybe that's a mistake.

maybe we should look under that, or deeper than that.

what is it that makes you write or paint or sing or whatever
it is you do? can you claim whatever that is???

before i figured out what i could claim, i felt that it
was important i claim something.
i had this feeling that the claiming has a lot to do
with what you can achieve with it.

and then when i figured out emoter and searcher....
well.....i don't know. maybe it's not important to know.

but then again...maybe it is.

i still feel like it very well might be.

and i'm kinda excited about this.

i didn't realize what a drag it was tryin' to claim
something that i didn't feel.

until i claimed something that i did feel.

it feels way good.

way good.

gonna go curl in with these new claims of mine.....


Merry ME said...

oooh, ooh. this is real food for thought. this is something to chew on. what can i claim? hmmmm?

t2 said...

are you sure *I* didn't write this?! Wow - this sounds just like me. What I have been able to claim is: "seeker of tiny miracles" - yep, that I can claim.
I honor you, Terri St. Cloud.
(and kinda happen to love ya too)