Tuesday, April 28, 2009

changing stories

was walkin' and thinking of stories.
how we get caught in them.

have a friend who's boggling my mind
with the way she's caught in one scenario
that she had gotten set on.
life has obviously thrown her a curve ball,
changed the game, and she won't see it.

so i cock my head, watch, and wonder where
i do this in my own life.

how stuck in my own stories do i get?

and then i thought about it.....it's really
one big long story with a whole ton of
different parts.

the parts keep changing all the time.
that's PART of the story.
it's not taking away from the story.
it's adding to it.

once again, i watch and think it's all about
flow, change, flexibility.

all things i'm a bit sluggish on.

i watch my friend and see that being able to
see the changes and go with them is vital
to the quality of life.

so i turn to me and say 'okay, girl....
you gonna learn from this or what?!'

yeah, yeah, yeah.

i will try.

i just wish some of this stuff came really
naturally to me!!

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