Thursday, April 16, 2009

music to soothe a savage beast....or a grouchy artist...

oh wowwwwwwwwwww!

i was feelin' a bit off.
i know it's off cause i feel like one of
those people you see behind the desk of
DMV or something where they're just not
happy campers. grouchy, short, and what do
you want now?! that feeling.

that's not normal for me (thank goodness!!)

don't know where it came from.

thought i'd try music.
decided i'm going to make more of an effort
to use music to help my moods......

i never listen to music when i work, unless
i stop to listen to a song. then i stop and
listen. i can't work thru music.

well, i'm gonna try, i thought.
decided to go with classical as i thought it
might help not to have lyrics! grin.
i put on some perky wonderful piece that drove
me crazy.

i can't work to that.
it's beautiful...but not NOW!

turned it off.
i just can't work and listen, i decided.

hmmmmmmm.......still feel like a grouchy
government worker. (no offense to you non-
grouchy government workers)....

and then i did it.......
i put on a piece that i knew hits my depths
and is also slow and quiet.

i started workin' to it.


(barber's adagio for strings if anyone's interested)
this thing goes right thru me........

and it did it......
it moved something out of the way inside of me.......

it's inspiring me.
i want to work on art. i want to work on living.

i definitely need to do this more often........

what are you listening to today?!

1 comment:

Sorrow said...

This is what i am listening to today..
( plus the screeches of my kids...LOL)