Thursday, April 16, 2009

holdin' the goodness

i've got a whole cd on with different versions
of this piece i just mentioned (see post below)....

the first time i ever heard this song, i was married.
my parents were over for dinner, and my husband
put it on for my parents to hear.

dinner was done. we were sittin' around the table
talking. and i remember i had to move some dishes
out of the way on the table so i could lay my head
down as i listened. it hit so hard i couldn't
keep my head up!

i'm laughing as i remember!
i just dramatically lay there with my arms
outstretched across the table and said i just wanted
to weep.

oh i'm laughing as i type.

my dad wasn't quite as emotional as i was.
i looked up to see his face.
he had that famous look he saved just for me.
the 'what the heck is wrong with you and
WHERE did you come from?!' look.

it used to surprise me how crazy i'd make him
without even trying!!

my husband ended up buying me this cd with all different
versions of the piece on it......

i remembered the whole thing.
and this sadness crept in............
so much has changed.......
so much was lost....

and then something different happened.

a smile.
and a tear. but a good tear.
not a sad tear.

what wonderful moments.
what a thoughtful gift the cd was.
what an important time in life that i want
to hold with goodness, not sadness.
and now....the music moves me even more
than it ever did back then.

way good stuff.
and i'm holdin' it that way.


Anonymous said...

terri, this is beautiful. i always knew you were a deep person, but you've grown. this post shows me that you've tilted your head a bit while looking at your marriage and found something lovely. way to go, terri-berri!

peggi said...

Wow Terri! It never ceases to amaze me how music can instantly transport you back to a certain place and time. I also LOVE this piece. What's the name of the CD?