Friday, April 10, 2009

pumpin' my fist in the air!

i FINALLY had a rockin' good dream!
they've been a bit tough lately...
and i finally had a peaceful one full of
wisdom. whew. it's about time.

i woke up with one that was all about
knowing i had what i needed inside of
me. it was there all along.

i rolled over for more sleep, hugged
my pillow and thought.....ohhhh that's

fell back asleep and woke up to one
that seemed to be continuing the first.

all about living in the moment. feeling
your inner strength and being peaceful.

i opened my eyes.
i like that one.
i'm gonna stop there!

and hopped outta bed!

i walked by yo's room. he was just
wakin' up.
'mornin' mom, how you doin'?'

i walked in.
yo, i had a great dream, i've tackled
the problem i've been havin' all week,
finally got it settled inside, i feel
fantastic and i'm gonna make this day

he lifted his fist towards me for a
fist bump.

i went for it and missed!

and i laughed!

i've never missed before.

hope that wasn't an omen!!!

don't think so.

i tried it again, connected.
then pumped my fist in the air!

a good day ahead!

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